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uomoscimmiaOur history starts with the foundation (in 1988) of the ""Fondo Imperatrice Nuda against animal experimentation", whose name comes from the Hans Ruesh's book on vivisection. The purpose was to organize a scientific opposition to the Animal Experimentation.
Totally self-financed, the Fondo Imperatrice Nuda has been a point of reference for all physicians and scientists - free from the constraints of a culture that places profits and job satisfaction in the commercial progress and health of citizens - want to make their voices heard for a
total renewal of research methodologies and scientific culture.
The increasing importance assumed by the continuous movement and antivivisection sides, by doctors and veterinarians against the practice of animal testing, made us feel the need to bring together graduates in medical and scientific disciplines, engaged in both professional and
research activities. They became convinced that biomedical research, based on the use of experimental animal models, is seriously detrimental to health and human medical progress.

Starting from an initiative of the "Fondo Imperatrice Nuda against animal testing", the Scientific Anti-vivisection Committee (CSA) was born in 1992, as a reference point for the anti-vivisectionists in medical research - scientific field.
The purpose of CSA is to use technical and scientific arguments to defend human health from both real and potential dangers of the animal model.
The CSA, in fact, continues his struggle for the abolition of animal experimentation because:
1) it's a serious methodological error that has not slowed the progress of medicine and it's the cause of his current failures in the care of the "evils of the century", as well as extensive pharmacological damage often silenced;
2) it's the excuse for a human experiment without adequate collateral (human trials in Italy, as the law would required, is not regulated) and makes the human being the true "guinea pig" ;
3) is the tool that allows drug manufacturers to put into the market a growing number of drugs (the World Health Organization considers as sufficient only about 400 over 200,000 of drugs actualy on the market), often useless and sometimes harmful; that's made with a profit pourpose that affects all the medicine, as unfortunately very well demonstrated by recent headlines.
The mechanistic and reductionist mindset that is the basis of animal experiments has found its most extreme manifestation in the genetic manipulation, against which the Fondo Imperatrice Nuda was deployed at the forefront. According to this mindset a living organism is similar to a machine where you can change and adjust the individual parts.
The creation of new species through action already unacceptable from an ethical point of view, involves, in fact, enormous scientifical risks in the upheaval that can result in in-kind distribution of living beings which have not undergone the scrutiny of natural selection over millions of years of evolution.
The enlargement of our battles has recently led to the need to find a new name to the Fondo Imperatrice Nuda, a name that expresses the broader issues faced today.
Thus was born EQUIVITA, the operational part of the Fondo Imperatrice Nuda, whose path is closely tied to that of many other NGOs in the world who work in the same direction and that finally flow into the largest Civil Society Movement.
This movement has demonstrated its strength several times, as, for example, during the Social Forums, in which EQUIVITA has taken part with both seminars on genetic modifies, both scientific criticism to animal testing.

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