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Press Release 18/11/09


Sponsored by
Ministry of Work, Health and Social Policies
Municipality of Rome


With the aim of protecting the health of every living creature and preserving the environment and the

EQUIVITA Scientific Committee
National Ecological Movement (UNA)

kindly invite you to attend the conference


for the awarding of the

"Pietro Croce Prize for the Abolition of Animal experimentation" - 3rd edition


25th NOVEMBER, 3-7 pm

"Pietro da Cortona" hall. Capitoline Museums
Palazzo dei Conservatori,
Piazza del Campidoglio 1, Rome


The scientific anti-vivisection movement, which has always regarded animal experimentation as an obstacle to the progress of medicine and toxicology ("No animal species can be accepted as an experimental model for any other species", Pietro Croce), has reached some remarkable achievements over the last three years.

The Report "Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century: a Vision and a Strategy". issued by the US National Research Council (NRC) on request of the US Environmental Protection Agency CERA) stated:

citazione originale

Jeremy Rifkin noted: citazione originale

Pietro Croce, head of the Research Laboratory at the Sacco Hospital in Milan and member of the "College of American Pathologists", is the scientist that has most contributed, in Europe and in the world, to the rising of this new scientific thought, especially with his book "Vivisection or science?", circulated all over the world since 1982.

Today the criticism to the "animal model" and the intention of substituting it (with truly scientific methods of experimentation: aggiunto perché mi sembrava la frees restasse incompleta) have clearly emerged not only in three articles appeared in "Nature" in the last few months, but also in the conclusions adopted at the "VII World Congress on Alternatives and the Use of Animals in the Life Sciences" (Rome, 30/08/09 – 3/09/09).

See: http://www.aimgroup.eu120091WC71files/PressreleaseSeptember3.pdf

The "Pietro Croce Prize far the Abolition of Animal Experimentation" is funded by the National Ecological Movement (UNA).


For info: EQUIVITA Scientific Committee: Tel. + 39.06.3220720, + 39.335.8444949
E-mail: [email protected]=


3 p.m. Introduction by promoter organizations:

EQUIVITA Scientific Committee: Fabrizia Pratesi de Ferrariis

National Ecological Movement (UNA): Giulia Lodigiani


3:20 p.m. Welcome by Councillor for the Environment, Municipality of Rome: Fabio de Lillo

3:35 Speech by Secretary of State for Health, On. Francesca Martini*

3:50 Human-based toxicology for the protection of our health (cambiato perché non ho trovato una formula giusta in forma interrogativa)

Gianni Tamino, professor of Biology at the University of Padua, president of EQUIVITA, member of the National Committee on food Safety: "Pesticides, animal experimentation and food safety".

Claude Reiss, molecular toxicologist, director emeritus of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) Paris, president of "Antidote Europe": "Bisphenol A: a time bomb".


Ore 4:40 "Pietro Croce Prize for the Abolition of Animal Experimentation", III

Gianni Tamino, president of EQUIVITA: introduction.

Franca Rita Catelani, coordinator of National Ecological Movement (UNA): outlining of the work of Pietro Croce and awarding of the prize to the winner:


"Antidote Europe"
for a research project based on toxicogenomics:
"Effects of pesticides on human health"


5:10 Relazioni (non so)

André Ménache, veterinary surgeon, director of "Antidote Europe", presents the project "Effects of pesticides on human health".

Luigi Campanella, professor of Environmental chemistry, president of the Italian Chemistry Society, dean emeritus of the faculty of Natural Sciences at University "La Sapienza", Rome: "Following the teaching of nature to overcome animal experimentation, with a special focus on the implementation of the EU REACH regulation".

Massimo Formica, neurologist, Member of ISDE (International Society of Doctors for the Environment): "Pesticides and human pathology".

Fulco Pratesi, honorary president of WWF: "Organic agriculture for the protection of the environment and the well-being of man".

6:40 Discussion

7:20 Sylvia Croce: closing remarks and thanks to the Mayor of Rome and the Councillor of Environment.

7:30 End of conference

*To be confirmed

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